Why do people get into relationships?
people get into relationships cos of love, companionship? the feeling of having someone there, to love, to trust, to care, to share?
Perhaps because they have a mutual understanding that they both care and love each other. Or, they merely have something that the other person wants. That’s just what I think tho.
To show that, in that point of time at least, they want that one person, and one person only? :)
well.. because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy
well. for various reasons man.
some do it for fun, to show off, to play play, peer pressure.
while others do it for companionship, having someone to confide in and share their problems, someone whom they can show love to.
i think for me it’s the 2nd part. what do u think? haha.
Joshua Chong
hmmm cause they want to be closer to the person they like i guess
Michelle Yong
People get into a relationship because they want to remain as the special one for the partner.
i think guys get attached due to their so called ‘more ego’ as referred by teck. some may feel they are matured enough to carry this responsibility of protecting and caring for someone he loves, or simply someone he likes.
i think guys get attached only cos of the reason that they like the other party, that they feel that one person is different from the rest of the world…
because they long to feel like they belong somewhere. they want to feel loved and cherished, like they’re being worshipped. they want someone to be there all the time.